Joonatan Rautio plays Ad Acustica's Rosteri 107


Joonatan Rautio is known to be an uncompromising sax player. He sets ultimate requirements to mouthpieces, ligatures and reeds.

Joonatan has played several mouthpiece models. He is one of the first test pilots of Ad Acustica (ADA) mouthpieces. Joonatan has played ADA Pohtone Silver Sonica, Rosteri 103 and now also ADA Rosteri 107. Additionally, Joonatan has played ADA tuned Otto Link plus tested several new mouthpieces and ligatures still in R&D pipeline. We are very grateful for Joonatan’s contribution. 

Joonatan describes Rosteri 107:

”Compared to 103, which I have played earlier, 107 has significantly darker sound. Red Java reed works well with Rosteri. Filed reed opens its sound better than unfiled.

In addition to great sound, it is important that the mouthpiece follows the player accurately. It makes it easier to play, even if you are not blowing at the full capacity of your lungs all the time.”

(Photo by Vasabladet)

14.01.2018Joonatan Rautio plays Ad Acustica's Rosteri 107
14.01.2018Joonatan Rautio soittaa Ad Acustican Rosteri 107:llä
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