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Optimeyer M5

Refaced and tuned Meyer 6M Hard Rubber mouthpiece for Alto saxophone. Medium chamber is original. Facing length and tip opening have been slightly changed in tuning process. Unless otherwise specified, the mouthpiece is optimized for Vandoren JAVA (red) 2,5 – 3.

We have bought new Meyer mouthpieces remade them with following actions:

  1. Reground and lapped the table and side rails
  2. Refaced the rails
  3. Tuned the tip and baffle
  4. Reshaped the tip rail

Each mouthpiece has been thoroughly measured for correct dimensions and test played by professional sax player over a period of 3 – 7 days. Fine tuning is done to optimize the mouthpiece for technically correct performance, easy play and best sound. This is an iteration process which lasts until the mouthpiece meets our performance criteria. It is a time consuming process but the only way to make excellent mouthpieces. Each piece is then carefully cleaned, washed, sterilized and packed for shipping.

Meyer hard rubber mouthpieces are manufactured by jj Babbitt Company, Inc in Illinois USA. Their manufacturing process is described in detail on their website. We buy new mouthpieces made by jj Babbitt and hand finish them, measure and inspect them according to Ad Acustica standards.

Hinta:375.00 €