Alto Saxophone - Alttosaksofoni

Alto Saxophone mouthpieces - Alttosaksofonin suukappaleet



We have OptiMized Meyer hard rubber alto mouthpieces to Optimum performance. We have bought new Meyer mouthpieces made following corrections to them:
1. Straightened the table
2. Straightened the rails
3. Refaced them and
4. Tuned the tip and baffle

Each mouthpiece has been thoroughly measured for..
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AALTO mouthpiece is handmade of remanium, which is Cobolt Cromium allow developped for dental restauration. Same material is used for implants, joints etc. Material specification is listed below (CoCrW-alloy (powder) acc. to EN ISO 9693/DIN EN ISO 22674, Type 5).
Manufacturing accuracy of the facing..
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